Maryland Library Association Conference

Carrie, David and I were lucky enough to present on the blog at the Maryland Library Association Conference a few weeks ago.  Thanks to ARLD for sponsoring us.  The description of our talk was:

LibraryTechTalk ( is a collaborative blogging effort created by three new Emerging Technology Librarians at Towson University. Currently directed towards employees at Towson’s Cook Library, the bloggers will share their knowledge about emerging technologies and will present potential applications for use in the libraryenvironment. They will explain why they created a blog, the process they used to develop and create LibraryTechTalk, and how they maintain it to keep it from disappearing into the blogosphere. Using the LibraryTechTalk blog as a case study, attendees will learn how to recognize the needfor a blog, define its scope, maintain it and promote it to their intendedaudience in their own library setting

Click on image for presentation slides

The talk went well and people seemed excited about the blog.  We also used this time to announce that we are opening up the blog to other libraries in the area!  We are encouraging area librarians and library staff to become guest authors on the blog as well as promote the blog to their staff and library faculty.  If you are interested in becoming a guest author please contact me at ctomlinson (at)  Enjoy pictures of the presentation!


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