Printing out the Web

Over the summer I spent QUITE a bit of time working on my dossier as a part of my university’s promotion and permanent status track. Perhaps I neglected this blog a bit and I apologize. During this time I did however, come across one small tool that is useful to mention here. Perhaps like many other institutions, my university requests a print dossier. Having served until recently as an Emerging Technologies Librarian, much of the work I wanted to showcase was published on the web. After much wasted paper and a computer virus, I came up with a perfect solution While the website is not anything too fancy, it does just what it advertises: converts a webpage into a nice, easy to print PDF. I was able to print out websites I have created, blog entries, and conference descriptions in a nice clean PDF format. The site has additional features for paid members which are $25 a year for personal use, $18 a month for a business. It’s an easy way to archive your online work in the way it was meant to be displayed.

For a related, yet opposite purpose to print out web pages, check out Unlike, this tool is not meant to archive a page as it is displayed, instead, it is meant to modify the way a website is printed so you can just “print what you like”. The tool allows you to highlight aspects of the page and delete or modify for better printing. This is great for removing ads on that online article or to highlight certain parts of a page for instructional purposes. The altered webpage images can be saved as html or PDF files so they can be emailed easily in addition to printed.

So go on, print out the web.


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