Tech Roundup

Technology Committee members here at Towson University’s Cook Library are always on the hunt for new technology applications to bring into the library or technology-related issues our library should be addressing.  As we scour the internet for important, interesting, or just plain cool examples of technology applications, issues, or news, we post links and  summaries with our take here to the blog.


I found this website while reading an article in The Chronicle about Altmetrics and thought I’d check it out. ImpactStory allows researchers to aggregate their scholarly activity (including traditional publications, presentations, and projects) from a variety of sources and measure the impact that their scholarly output has had using altmetrics like “number of times bookmarked on CiteULike” or “number of readers in Mendeley”. ImpactStory is by no means unique in this effort. Rather, it is part of a growing interest in revisiting the qualities that define scholarly output and how its impact is measured. There is significant space for librarian involvement in this conversation. We have the opportunity to introduce faculty to web tools like ImpactStory and help shape their understanding of how altmetrics can demonstrate the value of their work as well as connect them to other researchers. – David


DIY in the information age can seem to be more about entertaining shows on HGTV. Who doesn’t love watching those carpenter’s build something? However, a useful resource that can be fun to browse is the Instructables website. Here you can find step by step instructions on just about anything, uploaded by a community of dedicated crafters. This could be a great way to use some of the discarded books in your collection,  maybe spice up a display case or create a gift for a fellow librarian. – Laksamee

NY Times: “Remember All Those Passwords? No Need

Are you frustrated by the increasing number of usernames and passwords that you now need to lock into your memory? In this article from the NY Times, David Pogue talks about why you should check out Dashlane a password memorization program. – Shannon

“The iPad Cleverly Detects This Connected Picture Book’s Page Turns”

By now, librarians are familiar with assertions that eBooks and tablets mean the ultimate death of the print book. This article (with video) from Gizmodo highlights Bridging Book, a prototype app which attempts to marry print and digital worlds.  While many of the article’s accompanying comments express skepticism as to the viability and usefulness of this particular app in its current form, I think this an interesting example of the increasing overlap and connection between digital and physical information, as well as a step towards further exploring how the affordances of each type of information can complement one another. – Kim

What do you think about some of the issues or technologies presented?  Have you found anything interesting online this week? Share in the comments!


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