Tech Roundup

Technology Committee members here at Towson University’s Cook Library are always on the hunt for new technology applications to bring into the library or technology-related issues our library should be addressing.  As we scour the internet for important, interesting, or just plain cool examples of technology applications, issues, or news, we post links and  summaries with our take here to the blog.

Apple’s new wearable technology

Last Monday Apple unveiled its latest piece of technology, the Apple Watch. BBC reports smartwatch sales are estimated to grow eight times this year. Wearables could change the way students interact with our services, by leading them to a particular resource or their new favorite study spot. – Arthur

SXSWedu – “3 Big Issues”

SXSWedu wrapped up last week in Austin, TX. This article from The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s Wired Campus blog discusses three issues that were prevalent across programs, namely student privacy, new forms of credentials, and helping instructors build learning gadgets. As academic librarians are already considering the ethics of tools like learning analytics, pursuing alternative credentialing (e.g., badging), and creating spaces where students and faculty alike can “make” things, it seems natural that we tap into the energy around these topics in higher education more generally. – Kim

Setting up Google Hangout On Air

Google Hangouts On Air allow users to broadcast their hangouts to a live audience for free. This post from Moving at the Speed of Creativity includes step-by-step directions for setting up an on air hangout. Academic librarians might take note of Hangouts On Air to broadcast events, facilitate live discussion, or perhaps even bring guest speakers to campus virtually. – Kim

Office 2016 for Mac: Coming soon

Recently Microsoft released the Office 2016 preview for Mac, this means we may see an official release in the not so distant future! Five years since the last Office release for Mac, 2016 promises to bring a familiar look and feel for those who have learned to love Office on Windows. – Arthur

What do you think about some of the issues or technologies presented?  Have you found anything interesting online this week? Share in the comments!

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