Tech Roundup

Technology Committee members here at Towson University’s Cook Library are always on the hunt for new technology applications to bring into the library or technology-related issues our library should be addressing.  As we scour the internet for important, interesting, or just plain cool examples of technology applications, issues, or news, we post links and  summaries with our take here to the blog.

Superior click data?

Many libraries utilize Google Analytics in order to gather information on how their resources are being viewed and used online. However, this data is often limited to simple number of clicks per page or basic download statistics. This article highlights how one library was able to gather more in-depth information on usage of their institutional repository by developing custom tracking code with Google APIs. – Laksamee

A Look at Microsoft HoloLens

From the New York Times – Microsoft recently debuted HoloLens, high definition hologram glasses, as their new entry into the wearable technology market. In the future, will libraries leverage this technology to offer users the ability to interact with holograms of rare books or other fragile objects? – Kim

Legos and insects!

This unique use of Legos allowed entomologists to handle delicate insect specimens easily and cheaply in order to help digitize their insect collection. Library archives might consider developing their own tools to handle rare books! – Laksamee


Flipboard on the web

As reports, Flipboard (previously featured on Library Tech Talk) is now on the web! Now you can create your own personalized digital magazine to stay current with your library technology stories, other news, and humorous GIFs. – Kim


What do you think about some of the issues or technologies presented?  Have you found anything interesting online this week? Share in the comments!